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November 24, 2005
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koplio's rail gun by koplio koplio's rail gun by koplio
Its quite a good unit. Its second nature is a transporter. It can carry up to 2 infantry units. Its cost would be around 48 000 $ and it could move ONLY on railways (which SHOULD be in AW for a good amount of realism :/ )
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CadetKlaaz Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010
You created a broken unit. It has a ridiculous movement range, using it with Grit would end the game period, the transportation aspect is bullshit, and the fact that you gave it the abiliy to target aircraft is just unfair. If you did have this unit in game with those stats it would cos a shit ton more then 48k. You seem to just want an instant win vehicle. A fair stat would be this:

Movement: 5 (thats being generous)
Vision: 3 (about the only thing I agree with)
Fuel: 99/99 (face i no unit carries more then 99 fuel)
Range: 3-6 (come on 3-10 would end up filling every corner of almost every map. And the direct combat aspect? Please this isn't advance wars days of ruin. We don't need an anti tank unit in the better version ofthe series)
Ammo: 3/3 (If you were paying attention the rockets carry 9/9 and artillery carries 6/6. By your logic the neo tank would carry 9/9 and the mega tank would carry 20/20.)
You would ditch the AA and leave it as only a cannon. If you absolutely had to be a big baby about it you could do ONE infantry berth for transport. If you actually looked at real pictures of actual german railguns from ww2 you would notice that there are no secondary emplacements on it. Firing from a train car is dumb enough. You would have horrible accuracy with any secondary weapon. And yes you are the one who brought the realism aspect into my argument. After all this is said and done it would probably cost as much as a battleship. The limitation you placed on it only on railways is probably the only thing you placed that makes it even a tad bit fair. Seriously dude. That is one ridiculus unit.
koplio Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hold your horses. This been here since 5 years. I was bearly 16 back than (oh, snap. quite some time) soo some mechanics of how machinery of the 2nd great war worked eluded me.

Naturally, back when i scrapped this up it was just a fan response to someones idea of making their own fictionary units, i didn't tied much attention to the balance aspect of how it would influence gameplay. But all in all, lets reevaluate it after years.

I do agree its pretty retardedly over powered as the first draft stats go. But lets take it step by step.

Movement -
Initial value was pushed by the idea of rails, thus - its on rails - its fast! Naturally i never took into account the time it took to set up a railway cannon such as the K5, thus i would honestly agree with bringing it down to 5 but with a obligatory "if it moves, it doesn't fires".

Vision -
Really nothing special or beneficial to the unit, since it would work as support but naturally the vision should be less than the minimum firing range.

Fuel -
A little overlook on my side :) 99/99 as it should be

This is an interesting iceberg. If it cuts to 3-6 it would be just a powerfull artillary unit but would present little diversity from other long range, aside from crippled movement methods and such. What i would suggest is a 4-7. Yes its big, but it needs to set up, its long range guarrantees quite a big array of fire, rapes, still possible to easily outmanouver. Would serve as a support-siege weapon for chokepoints that you need cleared but would require a somehow stable front to secure its firing position.
As for Days of Ruin, never played it, yet i see that the direct attack aspect of the unit is a terribly retarded idea. I agree needs to be scrapped.

1/1, those things couldn't exist without taboons of supply and maitnance management right on the spot, thats one things to be reflected here. Its a powerfull artillary unit with its on gimmicks. Would require a constant supervision of a ACP. Fair enough.

And we now the afterwhine. I don't understand why you keep such a tone of talk seeing how this is merly fanfiction. Chill.

Soo about that AA, you usually don't see the AA carts on pictures simply becouse a fair ammount of the bigger railway guns had a tremendouse recoil which pushed them back thus all other traffic on the tracks was in a fair distance to prevent bumping into eachother and since the AA range could easily cover approaches from a fair distance they weren't connected right to the cannon. Besides what you don't see on the pictures is how big the transportation train actually was, it needed to carry maitnance vehicles, ammmo, crew and just basic defences as usually military trains did in the era, obligatory AA carts or even turreted ones.

As far as its a game, it was just a little piece to add a bit diversity to the unit, propably to prevent a expensive piece from dieing to fast attack pieces such as choppers, bombers understandable. One thing sure if it had AA, it should not be able to fire directly into ground units.

The infantry space for transportation would propably just serve as a mech cargo just in case something would slip by as a last resort defence.

All in all, its as ridiculus as putting a 820 mm cannon on tracks. I was aiming for a diverse unit with own inginuitive restrictions and possibilities. Don't take it too seriously after all, its on fanfictions :)

Ps. Thank you for the opportunity to look at some really old scrap, somehow relive the moment of what was i thinking back than. Its one of the nicest gifts someone can recieve here on dA :)
CadetKlaaz Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
No problem I guess. I'm just one hell of a die hard advance wars fan.
koplio Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jesus Christ, wall of text. God forbid.
matthewdelta Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
matthewdelta Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
DavidR-XV Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2008  Professional General Artist
All these incredible mods from people like you. And what extra units we get in AW2? A freakin Neotank, that's it.
koplio Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is only a little remade drawing of existing units :) Its only fanart - way behind modding ;)
militarybarraks Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2008
darn i wish i had that in advanced wars 2 especially on the last level
koplio Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, in fact it would have to be somehow constructed to not be able to fire at the critical points to not make it too easy :)
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